See Merida, founded by the Spanish Francisco de Montejo on January 6, 1542. In fact, the Mayan indians had a large city known as T'ho, long before the Spaniards arrived. Stones of that city were used to construct the Cathedral church located in the Main square, where you will also admire the Casa de Montejo, the Government palace and the City Hall. Merida, also known as The White City, boasts its main avenue Paseo de Montejo, with colonial buildings like the Palacio Canton, the beautiful Monument to the Country, among many other places just as magnificent. (Touring time is about 2 hours).

Show up at offices of Carnavalito calle 55 # 504 between Calle 60 and 62 Parque de Santa Lucia.

(Duration of the tour is 2 hours. Approx.)

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