Dzibilchaltun and Progreso

The place of "writing on stone”. This Maya city is located 15 Kms. northeast of Merida. We will visit the museum, then a typical Mayan house, walk along a Sacbe, and get to the pyramids to admire the Temple of the Sun, also called Temple of the Seven Dolls, where during each March and September equinox occurs a phenomenon known as The Sunrise and finally visit the cenote Xlacah. Afterwards we resume our tour to the Port of Progreso, to enjoy the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

(Tour lasts about 7 hours).  

Includes: Transportation, English-speaking guide and entrance-fees (Bring swimsuit and towel)

Not included  Lunch, drinks and gratuities



09:00                     16:00 HRS.

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Dzibilchaltun and Progreso