DAY 1 

Villahermosa Airport Transfer


Villahermosa Hacienda Chocolatera and Comalcalco Villahermosa

Leaving the hotel in Villahermosa at 8.00 in the morning towards the Chocolatera Hacienda visit and then transfer to the Archaeological Zone of Comalcalco then transfer to Villahermosa to the Tarde Libre hotel (Olmeca Plaza hotel)



Villahermosa museum the sale - Palenque          

Leaving the hotel at 8.00 am towards the Museum Park Visit the sale that will last 2 hours Approximately after the Visit Transfer to Palenque to the hotel Free Afternoon



 Palenque    Archeological zone hotel in Palenque

Breakfast at the hotel. Visit to the Archaeological zone of Palenque, where you will visit the Temple of the Inscriptions, Palace and Temple of the Foliated Cross. After visiting the site, you will go down Reyna's bathroom, which is a tourist walker where you can see waterfalls, flowers and wildlife, pass a suspension bridge, continue walking towards the Site Museum where you can see the replica of the tomb of King Pakal, giving enough time to admire her. Free time to eat (food not included). Back to the hotel.



Palenque  Bonampak Yaxchilan Palenque

Leaving the hotel in the City of Palenque 6:15 Hrs. bound for the Corozal Border, where they will board a boat along the Usumacinta River towards the archaeological zone of Yaxchilan, visit and continue towards the archaeological zone of Bonampak, where a visit will be made to see the paintings. (Includes: Buffet breakfast on Route and comida)  Regreso a Palenque aproximadamente a las 19:00 Hrs


Palenque      Calakmul   Chicanna

Leave the hotel at 08:00 Hrs. to travel to Calakmul, the journey is approximately 6 Hrs. Time to eat in El Crucero (food not included), because in Calakml there are no places to eat. From the Cruise to the archaeological zone of Calakmul are approximately 2 hrs. Travel. Visit to the archaeological site of Calakmul with a duration of 3 hrs. Calakmul  It is located in the southeast of the State of Campeche. It is a natural area protected by decree on May 22, 1989 with an area of 723 thousand 185 hectares, it is the largest tropical reserve area in Mexico. Internationally it represents an ecological link between the humid forests of the Guatemalan petén and the Lancandona region of Chiapas, with the northern and Caribbean region of the Yucatan Peninsula. Among its attractions is the archaeological zone of Calakmul, which has ecosystems of great importance, richness and fragility among which three types of forest predominate: the low forest, the sub-evergreen medium forest and the high forests as well as small meadows, open areas of acahuales and low management forest areas. Structure 1 and 2 are the tallest buildings on the site. At the end of the visit continue to Chicanná and overnight at the hotel


Chicanna  Balamku Campeche

The archaeological site is located within a jungle area, south of the State of Campeche within the Municipality of Hopelchén. In Balamkú there is a frieze made of modeled and polychrome stucco, unique in the Mayan area, which was built between 550 and 650 of our era. The thorough reading of this work of great iconographic wealth reveals the complex conceptual world of the ancient Maya. Balamku, which in Yucatecan Maya means? Jaguar Temple? (balam-jaguar, kú-temple), has an approximate length of 1 km2, is composed of 3 architectural groups: The South Group, the Central and the North, of which only the first 2 have been partially excavated.


Campeche  Edzna  Campeche

Visit to the archaeological zone of EDZNA and later tour of the city, visiting the sites of greatest interest, such as the Fort of San Miguel, the Church of San Román, panoramic walk through the walled enclosure, Puerta del Mar, Baluarte de la Soledad, Cultural Center Casa 6, Casa de Crafts, Cathedral and other sites of interest.


Campeche   Kabah   Uxmal  Mérida

Leaving the city of Campeche at 8.00 to the visit of the Uxmal Archaeological Zone, where we will visit The Pyramid of the Fortune Teller, The Quadrangle of the Nuns, The Governor's Palace and The Ball Game Transfer to Merida? The White City? because of the color of its facades. The Paseo de Montejo, The Monument and Luz y Zonido after transfer to Mérida

DAY 10 

Mérida  Chichen-itza / Cancún

Leaving the hotel in Mérida towards the Visit la Chichén-Itza, where you can see the astro-nomic advances that the Mayan culture possessed. Here is the stepped pyramid of the Castle or Temple of Kukulkan, The Ball Game, The Platform of the Skulls, The Temple of the Jaguars, The Observatory, The Square of the Thousand Columns, The Sacred Cenote (well. Continuation to Cancuns

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