Mayan treasures - 7 Days



08.00am departure PRIVATE SERVICE

Departure of passengers in Cancun or Riviera Maya.

In the morning visit the archaeological site of Tulum

Tulum is one of the most visited and beautiful Mayan cities in Mexico; part of its charm lies in the fact that it was built in front of the sea, on a cliff from where the turquoise tones of the Caribbean Sea are appreciated in all its splendor.

Although it was not a very large city, Tulum played a leading role in the maritime and land trade of the area between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries, in the period that archaeologists have classified as late Postclassic. It was precisely during this period when its main buildings were built, that is, those that we can appreciate today. Tulum also functioned as an astronomical observatory and defensive system.

Unlike other Mayan cities, it is believed that it had great autonomy, that is, that it depended neither politically nor commercially on other large cities - state. Another important fact is that Tulum was inhabited when the Spanish arrived in 1518, but because of the conquest, slavery and disease, it was soon abandoned. Then, the jungle found itself burying it in oblivion, and had to wait several centuries to be rediscovered. The Laguna de Bacalar is popularly known as the Laguna de los Siete Colores because seven different shades of blue can be distinguished between its waters, since it is formed by seven different cenotes, whose waters were embroidered and constituting a single lagoon, its shape is narrow and long, being 42 km long and only 2 km at its widest point. The Laguna de Bacalar is one of the few bodies of permanent surface water of the península de Yucatán, whose calcareous soil does not allow the supericial retention of the liquid, thus forming underground streams and cenotes, with the exception of the Bacalar region and the south of Quintana Roo, where the Lagoon is part of a large system along with other smaller lagoons, such as the Laguna Guerrero or Laguna Milagros, that are occasionally joined during the rainy seasons through gouges and swamps with the Río Hondo and the Bahía de Chetumal. Unlike other parts of the peninsula, this system of lagoons, river and bay allowed communications and development of the south of Quito. and then to the lagoon of Bacalar. Lodging at Hotel Laguna or similar.

Lunch not included


08.00 am departure PRIVATE SERVICE

Visit of Kohunlich, Becan and Xpu -Hil. And Chicanna, All these areas are far from civilization and wrapped in a dense layer of vegetation and jungle, which protects them. These Becán It is an archaeological site maya located in the Mexican state of Campeche. It is characterized by this one surrounded by a moat, unique in the Mayan area, which, for some researchers, bears witness to a continuous warlike activity between this and other cities in the region, and that, for others, represents a clear spatial division of the social classes, with the interior area, where the buildings of arquitectura monumental, reserved for the elite. Access to Becán was possible by seven entrances: three to the north, one to the west, two to the south and one to the east. The latter is the

Current access to the site. Outside the area surrounded by the moat there is a large number of minor constructions that served as homes, barns, sanctuaries, agricultural terraces, etc., for the bulk of the population that supported the dinastía Ruler of Becan. Archaeological sites are the most representative of the Che style. Lodging at Hotel Chicana Ecovillage or similar. Lunch not included


05.00am departure PRIVATE SERVICE

Important city of the classical period, Calakmul, one of the largest cities in the Mayan world. This ancient Mayan city is located within the Calakmul Bios Fera Reserve, which has more than 723,000 hectares and is the largest of the five areas

protected natural areas of Campeche. The archaeological zone of Calakmul was registered by UNESCO in 2002 as a cultural heritage of humanity.

Culturally, Calakmul has been considered the capital of a Mayan regional state during the Classic period, with an initial development in the Late Classic some have considered it a superpower, enemy confessed to the power of their peer, the great Tikal, with whom it was disputed the hegemony of the central Mayan area during the Classic. In addition, this site reports the largest number of steles in the region, in total 117 and a large number of tombs have been found, in whose funerary contexts

recovered there have been numerous vessels and various elements of the clothing of inhuman officials (masks, pectorals, earmuffs and necklaces of jadeite, shellfish and sea snail, obsidian, stucco, etc.).

Continuation to the city of Campeche, which preserves all its buildings virtually intact since the colonial age, this by the Bulwarks that protect the center

historical, in its time of pirate attacks. And arrival at the hotel on the Paseo de Campeche. Hotel accommodation at Paseo Campeche or similar. Lunch not included


09.00am departure PRIVATE SERVICE.

City tour in Campeche and continuation to Uxmal, Visit of Uxmal, which means "The Three Times Erected" in Mayan language and although why it is a mystery, its beauty. Later we continue to Mérida "The White City", Lodging in Hotel Castellano or equivalent.

Uxmal, surrounded by legends, myths and anecdotes; poetic in its name and its history, it is located next to a series of hills that are known by the name of Puuc, which in the Mayan language means "mountain range", and that was the name that subsequently received the architectural style that the sites have of that region.

The most impressive structure with a height of more than 35 meters is the Fortune Teller's House; El Convento, otro de sus grandes edificios, bautizado as í por los españoles quienes al verlo les evocó algún convento europeo, fue utilizado probablemente como escuela de curanderos, astrólogos y sacerdotes.

The Governor's PalaceIt is an excellent example of stone mosaic work and most likely it has been made by hundreds of masons and sculptors.

Later we continue to Mérida "The White City", Lodging at Hotel Aluxes or Castellano lunch included ..

DAY  5


Excursion to the ecological reserve of Celestún to observe flora and fauna. There is a great variety of birds to see, one of them the pink Flamingo. The tour includes a boat ride through the estuary. Later there is time to swim in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. I return to Merida. Lodging Hotel Los Aluxes el Castellano lunch included.

DAY 6  


Visit of the Sotuta de Peón hacienda with a bath in the Zhul-ha cenote and free time to enjoy the hacienda, in Truck travel the henequen fields, the production of the sisal. You can not miss the visit to the beautiful restored house of the Patron with its original furniture and large pool. Lunch included

Return to Mérida and lodging in Mérida.


08:30 am 09:00 am departure IN SHARED.

Visit Chichen Itza, the most visited archeological site with its impressive Kukulcan Pyramid, the great Ball Game and the fascinating Temple of the Thousand Columns. Lunch included

And return to Merida or Cancun end of services.


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  • Tour lunch in Uxmal, Celestun and Chichen Itza
  • American breakfasts
  • 4 star hotel nights.
  • Days of private service +03 days in shared.
  • Guide throughout the tour.
  • Travel expenses of the driver-guide during the tour.
  • Parking lots and highways as required.
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  • Trunks in the arrival and departure apartment
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