Arrival in Cancun, welcome and transfer from the airport to the Ritz Carlton Cancun Hotel to start a very exclusive trip that only a select number of people can enjoy. This trip can be done in a guided way with a guide / driver or individually as Fly & Drive, in this case we organize the rental of the vehicle of your choice. Optional: instead of the Hotel

Ritz-Carlton Cancun offers the Hotel Paraíso de la Bonita Resort and Thalasso in Puerto Morelos. If you wish, a relaxing arrival massage is reserved in your room.


Breakfast. The morning they enjoy in the Spa of the Hotel. In the afternoon they visit the Xcaret natural and fun park, a sacred paradise.

At dusk, Xcaret becomes a magical place. The rhythm of the pre-Hispanic drums and snails seduce us with their music and call us to witness a wonderful show that culminates with the "Mexican Mosaic", which includes the best of our country's folklore. Overnight in the same hotel as day 1.


Breakfast. Departure from your hotel to Ek Balam. Ek Balam (The Black Jaguar or the Tiger Star), is a beautiful archeological zone with unique urban and architectural features.

Later they will visit the beautiful colonial city of Valladolid, also the so-called? La Sultana del Oriente ?. Optionally lunch at the Mesón del Marques hotel right next to the city base. Arrival at the Hacienda Chiche in Chichen Itza. Optional light and sound show in the archeological zone at night. Optional dinner at the Hotel Hacienda Chichen or at the Mayaland hotel.


Breakfast at your hotel, early visit of the archaeological site of Chichen Itza. In the afternoon you will visit the colonial city of Izamal, the city of the Three Cultures where you can take a buggy tour and optionally enjoy a delicious meal until you reach Temozón Sur. Overnight in the luxurious Hacienda of the 16th century and which has 26 suites.


Breakfast at Hacienda Temozón. The day is destined to enjoy the hacienda, its gardens and cenotes, the latter were sacred to purify the body and soul.

Overnight at the Treasury.


Breakfast at the Hacienda and departure to Uxmal. Belonging to the Puuc route, this site is located in the municipality of Santa Elena, Yucatán. The main buildings that Uxmal has are: The Pyramid of the Fortune Teller, The Quadrangle of the Nuns; the Ball Game, the Governor's Palace and the House of Turtles, among others.

Optional food at the Hacienda Uxmal. We follow the Grottos of Loltún and Kabah, which are also part of the Puuc route. In the afternoon we arrive at the Hacienda de Santa Rosa de Lima in Maxcanú. This hacienda was built in the 19th century and has 11 luxurious suites.


Breakfast at the Hacienda. The day is destined to enjoy the Spa De la Hacienda and the activities that can be carried out on its grounds. Overnight at the Treasury.


Breakfast at the Hacienda. Today we leave in the direction of Celestún, where we observe a great variety of birds and pink flamingos during our boat trip on the estuary. Optional food at the Eco Paraiso Xixim Hotel, a pearl of Resort in the middle of an intact and delicate nature with a beautiful beach. In the afternoon arrival at the Xcanatún farm (La casa de Piedra, Mérida).

Overnight It is an 18th-century henequen Hacienda transformed into a small and luxurious hotel with 18 suites, located in the heart of the Mayan World.



Breakfast at the Hacienda. The morning is free and in the afternoon we make an excursion to Dzibilchaltún, an archaeological zone famous for the beautiful image of the equinox that passes through a window of the Temple of the 7 Dolls. Overnight at the Xcanatún estate.


DAY 10

Breakfast at the Hacienda. In the morning we will visit the white city of Merida with its five centuries of colonial charm. Mérida was founded by the Spanish conqueror Francisco de Montejo in 1542 on the ancient Mayan city T? Ho. Return departure or extension at a Hotel? Bombon?

www.luxuriousmexico.com is owned by the French company, based in Paris, Schjolberg Conseil. They represent Turitransmerida in Europe. This trip and others are booked through luxuriousmexico.com and will be operated exclusively by Turitransmerida. Please visit the website for more details and you will see that El Mundo is still so beautiful.

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